Micro-Abrasive Blasters are tools, and the secret to success with most tools is knowing how to use them. To understand the process of cleaning with a micro sandblaster, it’s important to know the components of a micro sandblasting system.  Crystal Mark Inc offers six  lines of micro-abrasive blasters to suit all different applications and needs.

Micro Sandblasters

Model MV-2EV Models: Designed with independently adjustable powder flow control, air pressure regulation for total process control, and durable fittings throughout the abrasive pathway.

MV Models: Uniquely design to offer “Maximum Versatility”. Front and back panels unlatch to easily access components and carbide lined fittings throughout the abrasive/air pathway for routine maintenance.


lvLV Model (Large Volume): Independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation for total process control, an hour meter for SPC monitoring, and a leak detection system for the pinch valve assemblies.

XV Model (Xtream Volume): Is independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation for total process control, an hour meter for SPC and air pressure regulation for total process control, an hour meter for SPC monitoring, a leak detection system for the pinch value assemblies and larger hoses and fitting than the Model LV-1 for heaviest output requirements.

Eco BlasterEco-Blaster: This economical micro-sandblaster can be utilize as an unique pressure feed system to propel a finely graded abrasive powder into a high pressure air stream and out through the nozzle and hand piece assembly. By accelerating the abrasive powder to high velocities with high pressure gas, a multitude of tasks are achieved such as cutting, deburring, etching, surface texturing, surface finishing, glass engraving,and so much more.

PICTURES 068Aero-Blaster: Designed to propel a finely graded abrasive in an air stream or just a blast of air delivered to the nozzle at the touch of a button on the hand-piece assembly.The cleaning or cutting is primarily done by a method known as “pressure-feeding”. It utilizes a unique system whereby air pressure forces abrasive particles to high velocities. This results in cleaning or cutting that is very similar to the larger more expensive systems.

Self Contained Work Chambers

Crystal Mark Inc.,offers several models of self contained systems with a Built-In Dust Collector

TURBO MAX IONIZEDTURBO- Max™: Is an illuminated work chamber with a built-in dust collector designed primarily for low volume requirements such as R&D, pilot line production or as rework station.

The TURBO-station™: Is an illuminated work chamber with a built-in dust collector designed for low volume requirements such as R&D, Pilot Line Production, Laboratory or as a Rework Station.

The TURBO-Cab™: Is a small illuminated work chamber with a built-in dust collection.

Standard Work Chambers

Crystal Mark Inc., offers several sizes of standard work chambers that Require Separate Dust Collection System

ergonomic work chamberErgonomic Work Chamber, Ionized: The Ergonomic Work Chambers offers an illuminated work chamber with an Ionized system designed for different applications.

Ergonomic Work Chamber, Standard: This Ergonomic Work Chambers offers a variety of styles, sizes and applications that require a Dust Collector System.

Dust Collectors

Choose the right Dust Collector for your needs, contact us for any specific requirements.

DC100The DC100 Dust Collector: Is an exceptional value with a built in silencer. It evacuates spent media from within the work chamber during the micro sandblasting process and collects it into a pan. Sufficient for up to two work stations

Model 64 & 75 Dust Collector: Provide high efficiency air cleaning.

Model TD486 Dust Collector: Provides a high filtration efficiency and longest filter life.

Complete Work Cell


CWC-60: This Stand-Alone Work Cell has a spacious work area with a high volume dust collector and storage cabinet. It is on casters for easy portability. It also features an outlet on the top of the work chamber to accommodate any table top Micro SWAM-blaster (Any Model EV or MV). 115 volts 60hz ( Domestic)

CWC-50: Same as CWC-60 we offer this Stand Alone Work Cell on 230 volts 50 hz for International Customers.

Complete SWAM ® Systems

Crystal Mark Inc., has specialized on Custom Build Systems designed to any specific application.


Belt Abrader Systems: Designed to precisely abrade uniform finishes to surfaces requiring exact repeatability.

Edge Bevelding Systems: Perform a multitude of precision cutting and beveling processes with exceptional consistency as well as with excellent repeatability on silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, NaG, GaAs, GaP, glass, ceramic, Geranium, III-V materials, and other hard brittle materials.

C5100ACutting and Contouring Systems: Designed originally for semiconductor wafers to remove oxides and junctions, backside damage for gettering, mesa diode processing as well as for back-lapping.

Nozzle Positioning System: Manipulates a nozzle over a work piece to accomplish various tasks including precision micro hole drilling.

Wire Abrader System: Designed to consistently abrade the outside diameter of a wire ranging from 0.010″ to 0.060″ in diameter standard.


Rotary Single Spindle: Built upon the Complete Work Cell concept requiring a single power and single air drop. Compact & mounted on castors for easy installation and work cell reconfiguration. When consistency is demanded this Abrading System is ideal for texturing or de-burring a variety of components including dental implants and surgical bone screws.

Rotary Dual Spindle: Designed for maximum throughput. When consistency and production is demanded, this Abrading System is ideal for texturing or de-burring a variety of components including dental implants and surgical bone screws.

Conformal Coating Removal Equipment (ESD)

Crystal Mark Inc., line of micro sandblast systems will safely and selectively remove most types of conformal coating without causing mechanical or ESD damage. Environmental Friendly Confomal Coating Removal…No Solvents!


CCR-CWC-MV2L Conformal Coating Removal Work Cell: Exceptional for parylene conformal coating removal, it flakes off in seconds.

Turbo-Max™ CCR Table Top Conformal Coating Removal System: Ionized Ergonomic Work Chamber and grounded work surface provide exceptional ESD protection.



CCR-MAX-MV2LSWAM-Blaster® Model CCR-CWC-LV1: Designed to selectively remove conformal coating from pinpoint areas to an entire surface.

CCR-NP16X16: First automated micro-abrasive blast system designed specifically for removing/stripping conformal coatings from an entire printed circuit board surface, up to 16” x 16”.

Abrasive Nozzles and Connectors

Abrasive blasting nozzles from Crystal Mark Inc., set the standards in performance and productivity. Our unique tungsten carbide nozzles offer an exceptional wear resistance and performance in the most demanding applications. All supported with an unmatched reputation for customer service and technical support.



10-32 UNF Male Threaded Nozzles

3-56 UNF Female Threaded Nozzles

Automated Equipment Nozzles

Elite Nozzles

10-32 UNF Male Threaded SB Nozzles

Custom Nozzles Available

Abrasive Powders and SDS

When micro sandblasting, controlling the abrasive is critical to controlling the overall process. The use of the right abrasive is essential for effective results and also the life of your equipment.

micro-abrasive-powdersAluminum Oxide (White)

Aluminum Oxide (Brown)
Carbo Blast

Crushed Glass


Abrasive Media
Glass Beads 
plastic blast 
Silicon Carbide
Soda Bicarbonate
Burr-Blast K™

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