Since 1967, Crystal Mark, Inc. has specialized in the field of abrasive blasting technology. As a tool abrasive blasting has many uses in many applications. These include: electronics industry, aerospace, precision machining, medical manufacturing, semiconductor industry, glass engraving and fossil preparation. Micro-abrasive blasting is when a finely graded powder is introduced into a gas stream and delivered to a nozzle. The nozzle increases speed and directs the abrasive with precision.

SWAM Blaster Crystal Mark, Inc. is involved in all aspects of abrasive processing:

Abrasive blasting is environmentally friendly and in many cases can replace chemical processes.

At Crystal Mark, our philosophy is “give the customer a choice.” The customer can either buy the equipment or the service. As a service we are able to develop a process and determine the cost of operation. Once a process is established in our Job Shop, the customer can either continue with the contract service or buy the equipment and do the work themselves.

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