Crystal Mark is combining the drive for environment friendliness with its stellar record for customer service – refurbishing of their micro sandblasting machines.

After careful testing and refinement of the idea in the select market niches, we are pleased to offer this to all of our customers.


How Does It Work?

We take the machines deployed in the market, and refurbish them for the most optimal performance.

How we help:

  • Work with you to understand how you use the machine(s) today. See what your expectations are. Give you insights for getting even better performance, and potential avenues for bringing down the operations cost.
  • Clean the machine thoroughly.
  • Comprehensive in-depth testing and verification of components. We replace the components where needed.
  • Replace all the components in the abrasive path – all the way from the mixing chamber to the nozzle.
  • We customize the loaner machine that would match or exceed your specific requirements, and send it to you. With this, you don’t have to experience any interruption in your operations while upgrading your current machine.
  • Offer opportunity for trade-in and/or upgrade where it would make sense.


What Are the Benefits?

  • It’s cost-effective – get more value from your investment without having to get a new machine.
  • Leverage advances in technology. We continually strive to incorporate innovative ideas into the products. In many cases, you get access to the latest advances while refurbishing the machine.
  • Avoid interruption in current operations, and insure long term success by getting your machines refurbished.
  • Be environmentally friendly. The micro-abrasive technology is very friendly to the environment. Now with the ability to extended use of core components, you have opportunity not having to discard older machines while saving cost and refining the applications.

Don’t lose production time. The loaner machine keeps you going effectively during this entire process.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you might have while thinking how to put this to your advantage.