Deburring using Crystal Mark Micro Abrasive Processing Technology

Image: Precision deburring using Crystal Mark micro abrasive processing technology – Examples

Deburring using Micro Abrasive Processing

Since 1969, the Crystal Mark team has helped customers with not only setting up micro sandblaster deburring equipment and accessories, but also carrying out deburring applications in their internal lab.

With comprehensive knowledge base and experience of the team, Crystal Mark, Inc. is able to understand customer’s specific deburring requirements and customize the micro abrasive blasting process. The team is also able to clearly explain limitations about what can be done realistically without compromising the repeatable consistency of results.


Crystal Mark’s Burr-Blast K™, is a unique abrasive that has raised the bar for quality and precision of deburring applications. On many alloys such as stainless steel, tool steels, titanium and nitinol, it exhibits the unique ability to remove just the burrs without deforming the target parts. This is a significant advantage over other abrasives such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide.

Burr-Blast-K™ is water soluble, and has unique chemical composition that makes it much more effective for deburring parts that are particularly very small. It is the perfect media for de-burring or surface finishing medical devices used, for example, for knee and spinal surgeries, stents, etc. that go in the body arthroscopically.

Example: Deburring Back Implant Disk

Images below show surface finishing for back implant disk developed by CTL Amedica, Addison, TX. This implant is approximately 0.5” x 0.5” x 0.25” in dimensions. The design of the disk has a number of sharp points and variations in geometries for optimum results when used in the medical procedure.

Back Implant Closeup View - BEFORE

Back Implant Closeup View – BEFORE

Back Implant Closeup View - AFTER

Back Implant Closeup View – AFTER

Customer mentioned that it used to take one trained professional inside the company 30 minutes to manually deburr one of these disks, and they had only person capable of doing that. With Crystal Mark’s technology, they are able to complete the same task in 1-2 minutes, and it was easy to train a number of people to deburr using the micro abrasive processing equipment. The results have very high quality, and are consistently repeatable.


The ability to carry out the deburring operations without highly skilled labor is a competitive advantage for customers.

Stainless Steel

Deburring using BurrBlast K

Stainless Steel

Deburring in stainless steel

Intersecting holes in Titanium

Intersecting holes in Titanium

Precise De-burring, Oxidation Removal on Tool Steel

Deburring & Oxidation Removal

The Crystal Mark team works with every customer with a consultative approach. They have required bandwidth to understand the requirements and develop a customized process to achieve specific objectives.


Customers have ability to deburr machined plastic parts too. Ask about how to deburr PEEK.


Crystal Mark, Inc. gets referrals from current customers, thanks to outstanding customer support and continuous innovation in technology, products, accessories, as well as abrasives.