Micro Abrasive Blasting for Refined Machining

The micro abrasive blasting process provides very precise machining that is used in a variety of micro machining applications.

Crystal Mark, Inc. has a solid research base and experience for customized solutions for a variety of applications. Here are some of those applications:


Micro abrasive Blasting for Medical Stents

The laser cutting of stents and other fine tubes causes oxidation of the cut surfaces. It also creates sharp edges at the point of the cut. These are undesirable side effects that need to be removed before the stent can be used inside the human body.

Crystal Mark, Inc. has developed technology to process the stents using micro abrasive blasting. Our technology finishes the stents not only with required precision, but also much less time compared to other machining options.

See more about our SWAM® Complete Work Cell , as well as our Model MV-2 and MV-2L Micro Sandblasters.

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Wafer Coring & Cutting

Silicon wafers are used in the semiconductor industry for designing electronic circuits. The wafer lines require an extensive investment. Crystal Mark, Inc.  works with a number of semiconductor companies to adjust the wafer sizes to match the requirements of the wafer lines.

The micro sandblasting cutting rounds the edges of the wafers. We can also cut a flat or a notch in the silicon wafer which helps as a guide in the crystal orientation of the silicon wafer.

See how our Model C-5100 Cutting and Contouring System helps with the silicon wafer processing.

The silicon wafers are rotated on a vacuum chuck. Then nozzles are pointed at the right direction and angle to guide the abrasive. This results in a very accurate profile. Also, the micro abrasive process is cold, doesn’t require direct contact and doesn’t produce any surface slag.


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Coating Removal and Surface Preparation using Micro Abrasive Blasting

Do you need to remove oxide from a tube or wire?

Do you need to roughen the surface to improve adhesion?

Do you need to strip a coating to allow bonding to the underlying substrate? Crystal Mark, Inc.   has effectively used micro abrasive blasting technology to achieve this for a number of customers.