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Micro abrasive blasting provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to surface treatment requirements in a range of medical applications.

It has been used to clean oxide and laser slag from the side walls of a stent, selectively remove polymers from catheters and guide wires and deburr the heel burr on needles. It can also be used to restore surface finishes to mold cavities and to clean and texture implantable devices including titanium bone screws, prosthetic and cardiac pacemakers.



Rotary Abrader Video



“Rotary Abrader for texturing and de-burring dental implants and surgical bone screws.”


Dental Implants: The size, shape and fitting of a dental implant needs to be precise for proper healing and permanent positioning inside the mouth. The threaded area of the implant needs to be roughened so that the tissue around it has more surface area to grow and bond. However, just as critical for precise sealing is the smoothness of the implant where it touches the gum area. Dental labs have been effectively using micro abrasive blasting to make dental implants.

Implantable Medical Parts: Medical implants, such as stents, shunts, and cages are critical in medical and surgical procedures. Micro abrasive blasting is used to deburr implants. Our process can also remove discoloration and oxide layers from implant surfaces, pulse marks and striations from machining. It can also be used to change the surface texture to improve adhesion.

Medical Electronics: Electronic components are widely used in medical and surgical instruments.
Micro abrasive blasting has been used to selectively remove silicone insulation to expose an electrical conductor on defibrillators. It can also remove excess encapsulation material from cardiac pacemakers.

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All electronic diagnostic and surgical equipment use printed circuit boards. These circuit boards have a conformal coating for protection against environmental conditions. However, when a component of the circuit fails, the conformal coating around it needs to be removed. Micro abrasive blasting can remove the coating in a very precise and controlled manner so that the component can be easily removed and replaced without permanent damage to the board.


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