Conformal Coating Removal: IT IS EASY!

Selective Conformal Coating Removal using Crystal Mark's SWAM BLAST Technology

Conformal Coating Removal: IT IS EASY!

What does it take to remove conformal coating using micro abrasive blasting?

The answer is – not much, it is extremely easy.

Crystal Mark has refined the technology to a level where it has become extremely easy for anyone to remove conformal coating.

Do you need highly skilled technicians for conformal coating removal (CCR)?

Not with Crystal Mark’s products. Crystal Mark has developed a micro abrasive blasting system to use at T-Rex Café in Kansas City specifically for young kids to excavate toy dinosaur bones. It is that simple.

Anyone can remove conformal coating using our technology.

What makes it so effective when it comes to conformal coating removal (CCR)?

  1. While it sounds like so much fun, the technology makes it cutting-edge. The CCR systems are able to control ESD very effectively while removing conformal coating using Crystal Mark’s micro-sandblasters. See more on ESD control using Crystal Mark’s micro abrasive blasting technology in this study conducted by NASA.
  2. Crystal Mark has an in house lab to analyze requirements of a new project. The team has experience in working closely with customer to come up with a right solution. This makes it very easy for customers to understand the technology and products.
  3. Options – Customers are invited to utilize Crystal Mark’s job shop/lab services, or procure equipment for in-house use. Crystal Mark is able to support customers either way. Customers are encouraged to send proof of process samples, and see their specific application in works before making a choice about how to use the technology for their needs.

What differentiates Crystal Mark’s CCR technology from other solutions?

  1. Crystal Mark pioneered new micro abrasive blasting technology for conformal coating removal – abrasive powder is directed in a very controlled way to removal the coating precisely without damaging the circuit boards.
  2. ESD SAFE: The Point Ionizer technology neutralizes the static at the point of application. The entire process happens inside the workbox that has environmental ionizer that keep the entire workspace static neutral.
  3. Crystal Mark has developed Carbo Blast™ abrasive. Carbo Blast™ is extremely safe when it comes to protecting the target circuit boards. While other abrasive powders might require higher pressure and way more skilled people to prevent the damage, Carbo Blast™ has made selective removal of conformal coating very easy.

Would you like to see the technology in works for your specific need?

Crystal Mark is happy to take your sample, and prove how well the equipment works.

They take pride in explaining the technology, and developing an equipment configuration that will meet the specific needs of every customer. Ask about success stories. Many customers have seamlessly adopted the micro abrasive blasting technology while simplifying their operations; that is also without having to hire highly skilled technicians.