Book: Cleaning with Micro Sandblasters

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“Cleaning with Micro Sandblasters”

by Jawn Swan

In Volume 1 of the expanded 2 volume Second Edition

Sometimes you need to get things dirty to get them clean. That is the case with micro sandblasting. The micro sandblaster has many applications and cleaning is one of them. Micro sandblasters are tools, and the secret to success with most tools is knowing how to use them.

In micro sandblasting, very small abrasive particles are mixed with a compressed gas, such as air. The mixture is transported through a hose and the flow is then focused through a small nozzle to the area to be sandblasted. The ability to adjust the amount of abrasive introduced into the gas stream and regulate the gas pressure adds another level of control to the equipment. The equipment and variables associated with micro sandblasting are explored in detail.

The conservation of a famous medieval mosaic on the exterior of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague provides a good example of the use of a micro sandblaster for cleaning an irreplaceable work of art. Other examples discussed in this chapter are cleaning fossils, conformal coating removal and metal on ceramic.



  • History of the Micro Sandblaster
  • Variables
  • Work Chambers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Cleaning Examples
  • Art Conservation
  • Cleaning Fossils
  • Conformal Coating Removal
  • Cleaning Metal on Ceramic


About the Author

Jawn Swan is the president of Crystal Mark, Inc. With over 48 years of experience, he has been involved at all levels of micro sandblasting. He started out repairing SS White micro sandblasters in high school. He was responsible for maintaining various SS White micro sandblaster systems, including the LAT-100, MAT-800, and AT-701 thick-film resistor trimmer systems in the western United States. Over the years he has developed numerous micro sandblasting applications, including the design and building of automated systems.


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