Custom Design, Automation: Options, Flexibility

Crystal Mark has vertical manufacturing capabilities to design systems customized to meet unique requirements for each application.


  • The team has worked closely with customers to develop fully automated systems for over fifty years.
  • When you bring your prospective application to the Crystal Mark research team, we are able to understand the requirements and help design a customized automated system.
  • The Crystal Mark team understands not only the micro abrasive sandblasting process very well, but also the ins and outs of automating a process that delivers results with consistency and repeatability essential for industrial applications.



Scroll down below to see examples of automated systems from Crystal Mark.


If you have a specific application where you would like to explore the feasibility of the micro abrasive process, you are welcome to submit form to request support. Our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Belt Abrading Systems

The SWAM® Belt Abrading System precisely abrades uniform finishes to surfaces requiring exact repeatability. The process begins when substrates are loaded manually or automatically onto a conveyor belt. The belt then transports the substrates into the abrading area where one nozzle or up to as many as eight nozzles reciprocate up to 14” uniformly over the moving substrates. The substrates are fully supported by the perforated conveyor belt and held in place by the vacuum of the dust collector.

Crystal Mark has developed conveyorized abrading systems using belts that are 5”, 7”, 9”, or 16” wide.

The design can be adapted as required to integrate with the production environment.


Applications include surface texturing, selective etching, surface finishing or plating preparation of quartz, glass, ceramic, plastic, metals and many other materials requiring a uniform surface.



Rotary Abrader Systems

Crystal Mark has two different designs for rotary systems:

  1. SWAM® Single Spindle Rotary Work Cell is built using Complete Work Cell® concept requiring a single power and single air drop.
  2. The SWAM® Dual Spindle Rotary Abrading System is designed for maximum throughput. The rotary table in this system allows operator to load/unload a part while the other part is being sandblasted.

When long parts require complete coverage, a linear motion option can support one or more nozzles with either of these systems. The Crystal Mark team has extensive experience in customizing the solution as required for a customer’s specific application.


When consistency is demanded, these Abrading Systems are ideal for texturing or de-burring a variety of components including dental implants, titanium bone screws, implantable medical devices, as well micro machining/finishing/cleaning of components with sub-micron precision and accuracy.






Nozzle Positioning System

Crystal Mark has extensive vertical manufacturing capabilities to design automated systems for the customer’s specific application requirements.


There are a number of automated systems that can be configured for range of applications such as conformal coating removal, surface finishing/cleaning applications, micro hole drilling, de-burring, cutting and routing.


Please specify your electrical requirements when requesting for a quote.


Crystal Mark is able to design new automated systems for nozzle positioning requirements.


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SWAM® C-5100 Wafer Coring and Contouring System

The SWAM® Model C-5100 Wafer Coring and Contouring System is designed for cutting and edge-rounding of silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, germanium, NaG, GaAs, and other III-V materials as well as Epi Crown Removal.


The SWAM C-5100 replaces all grinding operations with one numerical, computer controlled, micro abrasive nozzle positioning system. Due to the cool, shockless nature inherent in micro abrasive blasting, there is no stress, micro cracking or fracturing that occurs.


The result is a stronger semiconductor wafer, with less susceptibility to cracking, chipping or breakage.



SWAM® Model B Edge Beveling Systems

The SWAM® Model B Edge Beveling Systems perform a multitude of precision cutting and beveling processes with exceptional consistency as well as with excellent repeatability on silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, NaG, GaAs, GaP, glass, ceramic, Geranium, III-V materials, and other hard brittle materials. Unique processes include double positive beveling, simultaneous positive and negative beveling, reworking, grooving, and contouring as well as removing the epitaxial edge crown, cutting discs (outside diameter), and holes (inside diameter).


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The SWAM® Model CMAB-XV1 was custom designed for micro sandblasting very heavy, large size objects.


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