1) What is Micro Abrasive Sandblasting and how does it work?

The Micro abrasive process is both easy and effective. By using a precise controlled amount of abrasive powder mixed with a stream of compressed dry air, the mixture is fed through the abrasive pathway and out a nozzle tip. The total process control is achieved with the adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation. The type of abrasive powder and size of nozzle used makes it possible to control detailed applications as well as more aggressive requirements.


2) What do I need to get started?

For standard applications the complete set up would be four things; Micro Abrasive Blaster, enclosed Work Chamber, Dust Collector and dry compressed air.


3) I have ESD sensitive parts. Can these be abraded?

If your application is ESD (electro-static discharge) sensitive, we offer Ionized Work Chambers as well as Point Ionizers to further reduce static discharge at the exit point of the abrasive nozzle tip.

4) Are automated systems available?

Automated systems are available such as our SWAM Belt Abrader, SWAM C Coring and Contouring System and Wire Abraders.

5) Can I use Crystal Mark’s products with other brand name sandblasters?

Yes, you can use our Sandblasters with other vendors Work Chamber or vice versa. We also sell compatible Nozzles if you are using another brand name Sandblaster.

6) How can I know your process works before buying a system?

If you are seriously considering using Micro Abrasive technology for your application, we would be happy to prove our capabilities by processing a feasibility sample.