Jobshop Services

Crystal Mark, Inc. is the only manufacturer of micro-sandblasting equipment that also operates an on-site production job shop. The team has experience in solving a wide range of problems that require highly sophisticated control and accuracy. How do customers use Crystal Mark’s in-house job shop or R & D Abrasive Lab?


  1. When looking for specific and immediate results with an unknown product life, the Crystal Mark team can do the work for you. Save the equipment investment and time it takes to train your in-house team.
  2. You are in the research and development (R&D) phase. Bring your application to the Crystal Mark team, and they will provide different options and scenarios for you.
  3. Proof of Concept: Use Crystal Mark services to do feasibility analysis and prove an application’s efficacy before investing in the machines and training personnel.
  4. Budgetary Constraints: Don’t want to invest in new machines right away? Or sandblasting doesn’t fit with your core processes or aptitudes? You have the option to get it done using Crystal Mark’s job shop services.


ESD Sensitive

Conformal Coating Removal using Crystal Mark SWAM Technology | Onsite Abrasive Lab, Job Shop

> Conformal Coating Removal

> Component Demarking

Micro Hole Drilling

Micro holes drilling using micro abrasive processing - microsandblasting

Micro holes drilling using micro-abrasive processing – micro sandblasting

> Hard Brittle Substrates

> Glass, Silicon, Alumina

Custom Tooling

Deburring using Crystal Mark SWAM BLAST™ Technology, Process Development

Deburring using Crystal Mark SWAM BLAST Technology

> Deburring

> Deep Hole Deburring

Abrasive Lab

Crystal Mark Job Shop | Abrasive Lab

Crystal Mark Job Shop | Abrasive Lab

> Size and Particle Distribution

> Analysis and Certification

Surface Preparation

Dejunking using Micro Abrasive Processing, Micro-sandblasting

Dejunking, Deflashing using Micro-sandblasting

> Texturing

> Bead Blasting

> Deflashing, Dejunking

Silicon Wafer Processing

Crystal Mark Job Shop - Silicon Wafer Processing

Crystal Mark Job Shop | Silicon Wafer Processing

The job shop services enable customers to get the project-specific work done, avoiding the cost of capital equipment.


Crystal Mark, Inc. has in-house technical support and a strong engineering team to handle specialized projects and create fully customized configurations. It allows you to adopt micro abrasive processing technology with peace of mind knowing you are buying the correct equipment for your application. Try before you buy it.


If you have a specific application and would like to explore the use of Crystal Mark’s on-site lab and job shop services, feel free to contact us or complete the form below to request support. Crystal Mark, Inc. is also able to process samples for you.