Wafer Equipment

Wafer Coring and Contouring

Crystal Mark‘s SWAM® C-5100 replaces all grinding operations with one numerical, computer-controlled, micro-abrasive nozzle positioning system. The micro-abrasive blasting resizes the wafers without creating excessive heating. Also, there is a minimal effect from shock to the wafer. It is designed for Cutting and Edge Rounding of silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, Geranium, NaG, GaAs, and other III-V materials, as well as for Epi Crown Removal.


Advantages of Crystal Mark Technology


  • Precise work with guaranteed flat and/or notch in equivalent positions. This helps in keeping the alignment of silicon grains.
  • Smooth edges that help in preserving the wafers. Sharp edges from other methods can cause wafers to crack.
  • No crowning of wafer edges limits the effectiveness of wafer lines.
  • Protection from electrostatic discharge preserves the circuits/components built in the silicon of the wafers.
  • Achieve dimensional tolerances up to +/- .002″.
  • Complete automation and control that simplifies the wafer assembly lines.


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Surface Finishing

The SWAM® Abrading System by Crystal Mark finishes the surfaces consistently with the required precision.


Advantages of Micro Abrasive Blasting


  1. Remove oxides and junctions.
  2. Eliminate the backside damage for gettering, mesa diode processing, as well as for back lapping.
  3. Reliable cleaning.

This technology can also be used for surface finishing, surface texturing, and surface preparation for a variety of different applications.


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