Cleaning Medical Devices

Micro-abrasive blasting technology is used on a variety of medical devices such as pacemakers and stents. For medical applications, cleanliness is vital for consistent performance, for minimizing the incidence of side effects and for hygiene. Also, texturing the surface and abrading help in achieving the desired results.


Here are the advantages in using Crystal Mark‘s micro-abrasive blasting technology for medical devices:

  1. It offers precision and accuracy that is difficult to achieve with other machining options.
  2. Minimal health or safety concerns.
  3. Controlled environment compliance requirements are easy to meet.
  4. It is fast.
  5. It controls Electrostatic discharge (ESD) very well. This is critical for ESD sensitive medical devices.
  6. It is flexible. You can easily adapt it to your particular work environment. No extensive training of staff is required.
  7. Effective Deburring


Whether it’s applied to a pacemaker, a stent, or a dental implant, micro-abrasive blasting is highly effective, while allowing for the precision and control you need.


Examples of Micro-Abrasive Blasting


Catheters: Most polymer materials used in catheters are extruded to give them high lubricity. Micro abrasive blasting is effective in light abrading of the surface to improve the bonding of a balloon, metal tube or other component.


Pacemakers: Crystal Mark has used the micro abrasive technology to remove excess epoxy residue from where the header is attached to the can. And after the epoxy has been removed, this technology is also used to clean the laser weld and other irregularities or scratches.


Medical Implantable Devices: The micro abrasive blasting is used in cleaning, texturing or deburring of spinal implants such as polyaxial screw assemblies, hooks, monoaxial screws, and rods. It is also used with bone screws, cervical screws as well as facial and jaw screws. Crystal Mark also has deployed the technology extensively for dental implants and plates where precision is absolutely a must for the oral health of patients, and also long term success of the dental treatments.


The selection of the right abrasive material is a must while using the micro abrasive blasting for the medical devices. At Crystal Mark, we have designed a variety of solutions that give you required precision and control for cleaning and abrading medical devices.