Conformal coating material is applied to electronic circuits to protect against dust, moisture, chemicals, temperature extremes and vibrations. This protection extends the life of the circuits. In order to rework or repair parts of the circuits, the conformal coating must be removed. Would you like to know more? Click here and pick the Right Equipment for your needs.

NASA Evaluation of ESD Effects

Advantages of Micro-Abrasive Blasting

The technique of micro-abrasive blasting has many advantages when used to remove conformal coating:

  • It’s environmentally clean.
  • You can easily comply with regulation requirements; it is a very effective long-term solution.
  • It is fast.
  • It is very cost-effective.
  • You have the ability to selectively remove the coating from a specific targeted area.
  • Specialized abrasive material such as Carbo Blast™ doesn’t damage the surrounding components or board.

How Does It Work?

In the micro-abrasive blasting process, a precise mixture of dry air or gas and a abrasive media is propelled through a tiny nozzle attached to a stylus, which is either handheld or mounted on an automated system.

The mixture is pointed to the precise area of conformal coating to be removed. A vacuum system continuously removes the used materials and channels them through a filtration system for disposal.

The Ionized Work Chamber and Point Ionizer TM is used to control levels of electrostatic discharge (ESD), preventing a buildup of static electricity. It also contains the spent abrasive material.

Crystal Mark has technology that has helped many companies with conformal coating removal. We have products and ideas that work for your use cases. We customize the solution to fit your specific application.

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