Crystal Mark has a strong foundation of research and 30 years of experience when it comes to micro-abrasive technology.

What are your challenges when doing precision machine work?

  1. Accurate Drilling: Micro-abrasive blasting can be used on hard brittle substrates such as glass, silicon, or alumina.
  2. Controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Crystal Mark has technology that effectively controls ESD. Many of our customers are using it in applications such as conformal coating removal, cleaning medical devices or component demarking.
  3. Deburring with Custom Tooling Requirements: Crystal Mark has developed products that help deburr any surface with ease.
  4. Quality Surface Finishing: We help our customers with texturing, bead blasting, deflashing or any other application where quality of the surface determines the effectiveness of products and applications.

Cystal Mark helps hundreds of companies meet these challenges and we can help yours.

Micro-Abrasive Blasting

In the micro-abrasive blasting process, a precise mixture of dry air or gas and an appropriate abrasive powder is directed to the part at a controlled velocity. A vacuum system continuously removes the used materials. The Nozzle can be handheld or mounted on an automated system. We train our customers how to use the system and in handling details such as selecting the right abrasive. Using the correct abrasive is important for the long life of your equipment and end products.

Crystal Mark offers R & D services for your specific requirements. Tailoring the solution to match your needs is our specialty.

We have dedicated support staff that helps you with process verification.

Get the precision and control you need for your applications. And this clean technology is environmentally friendly.

Do you have more questions about how micro-abrasive blasting can improve your machine shop? Contact us today.

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