Nozzles for Micro Abrasive Blasting

Micro abrasive blasting provides precision and control that is used in a number of different applications. A few of these applications are conformal coating removal, refined machining work, custom tooling work such as deburring, surface preparation (for example texturing, deflashing, bead blasting, etc).


Crystal Mark, Inc. has successfully carried out applications for printed circuit boards, silicon wafer processing, medical as well as dental applications, paleontology, etc. The nozzles used in the micro abrasive blasting play an important role in the process.


What do you need to think of when choosing a nozzle? What are your options?


  1. Nozzle diameter should be precisely selected for the application on hand. The nozzle controls the flow of the abrasive. We will be happy to analyze your application, suggest the right abrasive and also provide customized nozzles so the solution works for your configuration precisely.
  2. We have seen a number of applications where work needs to happen inside certain equipment or machines. The shape and length of the nozzle should be customized to fit within the required space.
  3. Don’t think your options are limited for nozzle selection. At Crystal Mark, Inc. we have designed custom nozzles that would work inside the customer’s lab/ machining environment.


Crystal Mark, Inc. has a proven track record for providing custom nozzles for competitor’s products as well. Many of our customers have requested testing and verification inside our facility, and then provide the required components and abrasives so that they can carry out the applications in house.