Jobshop Services

Crystal Mark, Inc. is the only manufacturer of Micro-sandblast equipment that also operates an on-site job shop for companies requiring micro-sandblasting services. We also have the experience in solving a wide range of problems that require highly sophisticated control and accuracy.


We customize the solution to cater to our customers’ specific requirements. Our team of professionals invests time to perform the analysis and then puts together the right configuration.


While we have provided custom solutions and machines to many customers, we also have the resources to complete the job for our customers at our labs.


When would our job shop service make sense to a customer?

  1. When the need is specific and you are not sure whether you will be doing the exact same application work for a long time. In that case, let us handle the job work for you. It saves you investment and time from having to train your in-house team.
  2. You are in research and development (R&D) phase. Bring up your different options and scenarios, and we will complete the application for you. That will help you keep focus on your core research activities.
  3. You want to do the feasibility analysis and try the applications before investing in the machines and people training. Crystal Mark has in-house technology support and a strong team to handle specialized projects and create fully customized configurations.
  4. You aren’t able to invest in new machines right away due to budget constraints. We have a system to do the lab work for you in-house and train you as to how it works. Many of our customers have bought the right machines after that. This ‘try before you buy’ approach has empowered a lot of our customers to adopt micro abrasive blasting for their applications with peace of mind.


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