SWAM-Blaster® Model CCR-CWC-LV1 is a Complete Work Cell with LV-1 Sand Blaster, built in work chamber, dust collector, air driers and other accessories required for effective conformal coating removal (CCR). This system will safely and selectively remove most types of conformal coating without causing mechanical or ESD damage.


The SWAM-BLAST® Model LV-1 Micro Sandblaster was specifically designed to selectively remove conformal coating from pinpoint areas to an entire surface. The LV-1 features independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulations, easy access to the abrasive pathway to maintenance as well as large carbide lined components throughout the abrasive pathway for extended wear life and optimum powder volume.


When conformal coated components are sensitive to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), the Point Ionizer effectively reduces the ESD from reaching levels that could potentially cause damage to the component during the removal process.

Model/Part Number: CCR-CWC-LV-1
Power: 115V/60 Hz, 1 phase, 15 amps
Motor: 1 horsepower blower
Chamber Interior: 24″ wide, 17″ high x 19″ deep
Window: Tempered Glass
Air Flow: 400
Filter: 55 sq. ft. cotton sateen
Silencer: Built into cabinet, 67db sound level
Air Requirement: 10 SCFM at 140 psi max, 40 psi min
Other Power: 100V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, & 230V/50/60Hz

Abrasives for Conformal Coating Removal Applications

There are several types of abrasive powders available for conformal coating removal including Environmentally Friendly Carbo Blast and Soda Bicarbonate.


Carbo Blast™ is the softest and successfully removes most types of conformal coatings including Parylenes, Silicones, Urethanes, Epoxies, Acrylics and their blends. Great for PCBs as it does not cause mechanical damage to the border coat of the board.


For more aggressive applications, Soda Bicarbonate abrasive powder can be used. It is much harder than the Carbo Blast™.