Crystal Mark SWAM® CCR-CWC-MV2L is designed for Conformal Coating Removal applications.


The model CCR-CWC-MV2L incorporates:

  • The MV-2L Micro Abrasive Blaster
  • Ionized Ergonomic Work Chamber
  • Point Ionizer at Nozzle
  • Dust Collector
  • Electro Static Field Meter for periodic ESD metering
  • Black Light Bulbs for UV detection
  • Rolling cart for easy movement
  • Optional Zoom Microscope


The unit features all-in-one design, and is mounted on casters for easy installation, mobility and Work Cell re-configuration. It is specifically designed to selectively remove conformal coatings, whether from a pinpoint area to an entire circuit card assembly.

  • Exceptional for parylene conformal coating removal, it flakes off in seconds.
  • Ionized Ergonomic Work Chamber and grounded work surface provide exceptional ESD protection
  • Flip switch to UV fluorescent bulb to allow for easy identification of residual conformal coating
Power: 115V/60Hz, 1 phase, 15 amps Size: 26″W X 33″D X 61″H