Micro Sandblaster MV-2L Model

Micro Sandblaster MV-2L Model

The unique design of the Model MV-2L, Micro Swam Blaster offers “Maximum Versatility”.


The SWAM-Blast® Micro Sandblasters introduce a precise amount of finely graded abrasive powder into a controlled stream of compressed air through the abrasive pathway and out a manually or automatically positioned nozzle tip. Total process control can be achieved with independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation. Powder flow can be adjusted on the fly. When detail is required, the powder flow is turned down to reduce the amount of the powder being metered into the abrasive/air pathway thus allowing the use of very small nozzle tips. For more aggressive requirements, the air pressure, powder flow and the nozzle tip diameter can be increased.

  • Nozzle sizes and styles are available along with a wide variety of powder types and particle sizes.
  • Interchangeable orifice plates are available to increase the range of powder types and sizes.
  • Front and back panels unlatch to easily access components and carbide lined fittings throughout the abrasive/air pathway for routine maintenance.
  • The powder tank is mounted to a hinged plate that allows it to tilt to the side and with the push of a button, the vibrator activates to simply walk the powder out for rapid powder changes.


The Model MV-2L is suitable for nozzles sizes from 0.014″ up to 0.060″.


For less aggressive applications, the Crystal Mark team recommends MV-2 Model. The team is able to work closely with customers to select the right SWAM Blaster® for the application.

Item Number #4430-1
Power Requirements: 115VAC, 60Hz, 1amp Weight: 43 pounds (20kg)
Min Air Requirement: 40 psi (276 kPa) Max Air Requirement: 140 psi (965 kPa) maximum
Size: 13″ W x 11″ D x 13″H Shipping Weight: 58 pounds (26.4kg)
Shipping Size: 24″ W x 15″ D 15″ H Other Power: 110V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz & 230V/50/60Hz