Micro Abrasive Equipment

and Job Shop Services Applications

Precision Manual and Automated Micro Abrasive EquipmentCleaning restauration

The ECO-BLAST® and SWAM BLAST® lines of Micro Abrasive Blasting Systems are designed to achieve refined precision, ranging from the simplest of tasks to the most challenging.For decades, CRYSTAL MARK, INC. has specialized in the field of micro abrasion technology. We are involved in all aspects of micro abrasive processing as automaters, manufacturers and end users. We offer manual, automated and custom systems as well as Job Shop Services to accommodate a number of diverse applications.

Working together with our customers as both manufacturers and end users, we have developed a full product line that enhances micro abrasion technology in more than one industry. As a result, we are the recognized leader and innovator in micro abrasive processing.


Consider the Possibilities with Micro Abrasive Processing

  • Coring and contouring of semiconductor wafersApplications
  • Demarking of electronic devices
  • Conformal coating removal
  • Precise deburring of medical components
  • Glass beading of machined parts
  • Decorative glass engraving
  • Preparation of delicate fossils, gems, minerals and artifacts
  • Surface finishing for light diffusion
  • Surface texturing for increased adhesion
  • Selective material removal
  • Micro hole drilling in thin brittle materials

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