Crystal Mark, Inc.

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Manufacturer and Supplier of Micro Abrasive Processing Equipment and Services

Micro Sandblasting is effective for cutting, texturing, etching, cleaning, drilling, de-burring and so much more, in a wide variety of different industries such as:  Medical Manufacturing, Electronic, Aerospace, Semiconductor Industries, Precision Machining, Dental Labs and Fossil / Mineral Cleaning fields. Micro Abrasive Processing (sand blasting) works by introducing a finely graded abrasive powder into a stream of compressed air/gas and out a miniature nozzle that is manually or automatically positioned at the work piece.  The higher the air pressure and the smaller the nozzle diameter, the faster the abrasive particle is propelled.

CRYSTAL MARK, INC. SWAM BLASTER® line of environmental friendly micro sandblast machines offer complete process control by providing true independent air pressure and powder flow regulation.  We have standard nozzle assortments from .006″ to .090″ and a whole line of customizable nozzles for more specific applications. We maintain a large inventory of precisely graded micro abrasive powders and spare parts.

Crystal Mark, Inc. has specialized in the field of Micro Abrasive Processing Technology for decades. Involved in all aspects of Micro Abrasive Processing we offer easy to maintain manual, automated and custom systems as well as Job Shop Services to accommodate a wide range of applications. Working together with our customers we have developed a full product line that enhances micro abrasion technology in many different industries.



Crystal Mark applications include:



Crystal Mark services include:



Crystal Mark industries served:

  • Electronic Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Fossil and Mineral Industry
  • Precision and Machining Industry
  • Museums / Antiquities Industry

Featured Videos


Acrylic Removal

“Conformal coating removal using ESD safe micro sandblasting”


Rotary Abrader Video

“Rotary Abrader for texturing and de-burring dental implants and surgical bone screws.”


Egg Carving Video

“Fine detail possible using micro abrasive sandblasting.”

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Customers & Industries Served

  • NASA
  • Boeing
  • St. Jude Medical
  • USA Army
  • Government of South Korea
  • J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Apple Inc.
  • LA County Museum
  • Vishay
  • And Many More

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