Manufacturer and Supplier of Micro Abrasive Processing Equipment and Services


Crystal Mark applications include:


Crystal Mark services include:


Crystal Mark industries served:

  • Electronic Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Fossil and Mineral Industry
  • Precision and Machining Industry
  • Museums / Antiquities Industry

Acrylic Removal

“Conformal coating removal using ESD safe micro sandblasting”

Rotary Abrader Video

“Rotary Abrader for texturing and de-burring dental implants and surgical bone screws.”

Egg Carving Video

“Fine detail possible using micro abrasive sandblasting.”

Memberships & Affiliations

Customers & Industries Served

St. Jude Medical
USA Army
Government of South Korea

J. Paul Getty Museum
Apple Inc.
LA County Museum
And Many More

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