Ergonomic Work Chambers

SWAM BLASTER™ MV2L with Complete Work Cell (CWC)

Ergonomic Work Chambers

Ergonomically Designed Work Chambers to fit every micro- abrasive blasting need and operator.

What sets CRYSTAL MARK, INC. apart from all other Micro-Abrasive Blast Equipment Manufacturers is the internal use of all the products it produces.  Because of their Job Shop doubling as an R&D Lab, the owners and engineers can make product improvements like the Arm Rests and Tiling Microscope Mounts.  This enables the workstations to ergonomically fit operators of any size.  The Arm Rests and Tilting Microscope Mounts are designed so they mount directly to any previously manufactured CRYSTAL MARK, INC. work station.

The SWAM® Arm Rest has the added benefit of reducing operator fatigue which directly increases productivity while minimizing errors or defects in workmanship.

All CRYSTAL MARK, INC. SWAM line of work stations feature bright internal lights and tempered glass door.  The product line has something to fit almost any application from the traditional dust collector required ERG WorkStation to the Deluxe King Size Workstation or one of the self-contained bench top Turbo-Station or Turbo MAX.  The CWC-60 Work Cell is a self-contained work chamber mounted on a small dust collector set on lockable casters so it may be moved anywhere in a shop that requires an abrasive blast process.

Any of the Work Stations can be fitted with UV light for inspection and or Ionization for static sensitive applications.  If the application does not fit into one of the many standard work stations CRYSTAL MARK, INC. will build a Work chamber, custom to fit your needs.  Just send in a request for quotation with the outside dimensions of your largest part and they will return a quotation typically with in a day or two.