Legacy Electronic Components Salvaging

Conformal Coating Removal using Micro Abrasive Blasting

Legacy Electronic Components Salvaging

Semiconductor manufacturing and electronic assembly supply chains have not escaped the recent shortage of components. Procurement and supply chain experts find that many of these electronic components are becoming very difficult, if not impossible, to source. Many companies are seriously weighing options to bridge the supply gap.

The salvaging or harvesting of valuable and hard-to-find components from scrap, obsolete or unneeded printed circuit board assemblies is now a viable answer to the challenge. Crystal Mark, Inc. makes micro abrasive sandblasting technology for Conformal Coating Removal (CCR) that offers several benefits in this process:

  1. Precise, accurate, and selective removal of conformal coating enables access to the components solder joints to facilitate harvesting or replacement.
  2. The components can be salvaged quickly without the use of any chemicals.
  3. The systems are designed to control ESD effectively.
  4. Micro abrasive equipment can also clean the backside of removed components, including underfill from BGA’s and other surface-mounted devices.
  5. The equipment has a short learning curve, so almost any operator can be trained in just minutes.
  6. With quick ship options, customers can set up the operation in-house in just a few days. Alternatively, several customers employ Crystal Mark’s job shop service, utilizing the Abrasive Lab’s custom processing capabilities and very experienced staff.
Selective Conformal Coating Removal (CCR) with Precision

Selective Conformal Coating Removal (CCR) with Precision

Selective Conformal Coating Removal using Crystal Mark's SWAM BLAST Technology

Selective Conformal Coating Removal using Crystal Mark’s SWAM BLAST Technology

The Crystal Mark team would be happy to process a sample part to confirm project-specific objectives and intended results.


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